About the ride

If you’ve done one of the individual rides, then there’s no greater challenge and reward than completing the double – covering 1,600km across both routes. You’ll recoup for two days in-between rides as well as a rest day in the middle of each ride.

The Mekong ride starts out of Nong Khai in Thailand’s north-east. You’ll follow the incredibly biodiverse Mekong River for seven days before heading inland to Yasothon to meet the children at Home Hug on the 8th day of your experience.

After a 2-day respite you’ll hop on the saddle again and travel down Thailand’s east coast before crossing the mountains that divide the east and west. From there it’s a short trip to our Baan Tharn Namchai home where the children will greet you excitedly as you ride in!


1,600km in 16 days: Open to anyone, these rides are “inclusive” – meaning the goal is not to finish first, but to finish together. As a group you’ll travel 1,600km in just 16 days, with rest days throughout the experience.
Meet the children: Finish the Mekong Ride at Home Hug in Yasothon and the Coastal Ride at our Baan Tharn Namchai home. At our homes you’ll be greeted warmly by the very children you have worked so hard to support.
Fundraise $20,000: Raise AU$20,000 to qualify for the ride, with 100% of fundraising going directly to the children in Thailand. We will support you with your fundraising every step of the way with access to our dedicated events and marketing team.
Stunning Scenery: Journey through tropical rainforest, breathtaking vistas and vast landscapes to experience the true beauty and biodiverstiy of Thailand. You’ll travel through remote villages and meet the locals, far away from the typical tourist trails.


21 Nights Accommodation

  • 3rd – 23rd January inclusive
  • Hotels will be modest in their offering and often in remote areas. WiFi is not always available however majority of the hotels do have WiFi services.
All Meals

  • Breakfast is provided at each hotel
  • Lunch on the ride days
  • Team dinner every evening with a final celebration dinner on the last night
  • Exception: lunch on the rest day is covered by the individual.
Hybrid Bike

You will be riding a hybrid bike which is a flat bar bicycle with tyres that are thinner than a mountain bike and thicker than a road bike.

You will have options to bring your own seats, seat covers, pedals and cleats and we will provide more information about this closer to the event.

Support crew and bike mechanics

We only work with the best and you will get to meet some of the nicest Thai people and support crew that you will have ever met. Nothing is too much trouble as long as you bring your manners. Our bike mechanics keep everything running tip top during your tour in Thailand.

Italian Custom Cycling Kit
Your registration includes a customised cycling jersey and gloves. You will have the opportunity to order matching knicks and additional kit if you choose. Alternatively you can bring your favourite pair of cycling knicks and they will suffice. Our kit comes from our great friends at Ollo and you won’t be disappointed.
Individual Fundraising Profile
Once you have registered and paid your $500 deposit, you will receive a link to your personal fundraising page. You can update this page with your story and share your unique link to start raising funds. The team at Hands are here to support you with ideas so don’t be afraid to ask for help.
Travel Bag and Team Shirt
You will receive a Hands Across the Water travel bag for the trip. You will be required to use this bag on the trip for your main luggage. There is plenty of room in the bag for the tour and additional clothing you might want to bring for holidays pre or post the ride.
Training Program
You will receive a training program that will help prep you for your 1600km journey. The key to your training will be time in the saddle as opposed to km’s ridden so even if the weather turns poor, you can get to the local gym or spin class to clock up your hours on the bike.
Dedicated ride coordinator
We have a team of people to help you through your journey but importantly there is a dedicated ride coordinator who is there to answer any questions about the ride and arrange any additional activities you might need to organise for your experience. We’re here to help so just ask!
Ride Communications
We’ll send you a rider information pack upon registration to get you on your way. You will also receive regular rider newsletters and invitations to a closed Facebook group where you will be able to support other riders and ask questions in a safe community.
Ride led by the charity founder Peter Baines OAM
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Cost & Payment Details

In addition to the tour costs you will need to arrange flights to and from Thailand. To register you will pay a deposit of AU$750. You will then receive a link to create your own unique fundraising page and your journey is underway! The final balance payment will be due on 1 September (approx 4 months before your ride). Monthly payment plans are also available – please contact us to arrange.

To participate, you must raise AU$20,000. 100% of funds raised go towards improving the lives of the children we support – not one cent is spent on administration or overheads. Don’t worry – we will help you find your fundraising feet.