Renovation Taskforce 2018 is now OPEN!

Get your tool belts ready. Each year we head to one of our centres to undertake renovations. You don’t need a specific skill set other than a love of hard work.

This year’s Taskforce will be headed to PAMA House Chanthaburi. Below are some of the details.

11th – 16th November 2018
PAMA House – Chanthaburi, Thailand
AUD $750 plus your flights


5 nights accommodation at a Chanthaburi Hotel – Single Room
Continental breakfast, drinks, snacks and Thai Lunch at PAMA House for 5 days
Dinner for 1 night
Party with the kids from PAMA House
 Daily transport to and from the site
Return transfers from Bangkok

Volunteers would need to arrive into Bangkok on 10th November and arrange their own accommodation overnight.

Volunteers are required to be on the ground for a transfer to PAMA House at midday on 11th November.

Our previous Taskforce projects include:

Project PAMA House, October 2017

Project Yasothon, November 2016

Our taskforce group repainted the exterior of the library, girls and boys dorms. They also focused on general repairs of the roof, water tank, plumbing and installed kitchen sink in the volunteers room.

Project Kanchanaburi , November 2015

Renovation of the older girls’ accommodation, as well as various works to improve the drainage around the homes for wet season.

Project Kanchanaburi, November 2014

A complete refit, paint and repair on the older boys’ accommodation house was the focus of this taskforce which included repairing the room, electrical work, cementing and installing new beds, curtains, washing machines and bathrooms.

Project Chiang Mai, November 2013

Spending over a week working on the renovations, this group made substantial improvements to the property including erection of fencing, excavation and formwork for concreting, installing walls, roof and doors and laying a footpath.

Project Chanthaburi, November 2012

This taskforce, made up of 17 volunteers from Australia and New Zealand, focused on installing a hygienic and environmentally friendly sewage treatment system.

Project Chumphon, November 2012

This taskforce of 17 volunteers from Australia and New Zealand focused on renovating the kids’ bathrooms and kitchen area, as well as rendering and painting. They also built new water storage and new roofing.

Project Yasothon, November 2011

12 volunteers from Australia and New Zealand installed covered walkways, guttering and installed a new laundry area to help manage the effects of the wet season.

Project Yasothon, April 2011

10 volunteers from Australia and New Zealand installed a 250,000-litre water storage tank, giving the orphanage year-round clean drinking water.

Project Yasothon, November 2010

This was our inaugural taskforce. It focused on making improvements to the kids’ living quarters. 42 volunteers from Australia and New Zealand repainted buildings and installed new beds and wardrobes. The taskforce fixed the bathrooms, installed a grey water system and built a new commercial kitchen.

Interested in lending a hand this year at PAMA House?

**Please note that the $750 deposit is non-refundable.